Basic Info
Full Name: Steve Burnside
Gender: Male
First Appears: Resident Evil: Code Veronica
Appears In:
Resident Evil: Code Veronica
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles

Steve Burnside


Steve burnside makes his debut in Resident Evil: Code Veronica accompanied by Claire Redfield. He assists Claire in her escape from Rockfort island.

Steve is imprisoned at Rockfort island along with his father. His father worked for Umbrella but sold classified secrets to a rival company and was found out. Umbrella killed Steve's mother and imprisoned him and his father on the island.

Steve meets Claire shortly after the T-Virus outbreak. He is posted in a guard tower shooting off zombies when he see's a figure moving around in the courtyard. He immediately opens fire but is in turn shot at by the figure. Realizing it is a living human being he stops shooting and joins the unknown per on in the courtyard.

During his first encounter with Claire, she explained that she was captured after breaking into the Umbrella Facility. Claire then emails Leon to inform Chris of her current situation and that he was under observation by Umbrella. Steve mentions his lack of trust for family members but due to Chris and Claire's strong connection, she immediately defends her brother and assures Steve that he would be there to rescue them. Steve leaves Claire in order to find a way off the island.

In Steve and Claire's next encounter, Steve is caught in one of the Ashford's Manor's traps. Steve took gold plated Lugers which set off the booby trap. Although Claire saves Steve he refuses to give her the Lugers until she gives him an automatic weapon (some way to show your gratitude towards someone who just saved your life). Luckily, Claire finds some Mac-10s and gives them to Steve. Steve doesn't know they are empty (great way to get back at the snotty little brat).

Claire and Steve then travels to the training area where a zombie is closes in on Claire. The two had just fallen through a floor board and Claire has no weapons. Steve yells "Father!" as he kills the zombie shortly before it is able to kill Claire. At this time you find out exactly why Steve was imprisoned on the island. After killing his father Steve has a breakdown but manages to work through them in order to escape from the island. The two escape into a plane sent to a secret facility in Antarctica. Ofcourse the two are unaware of this at the time, not to mention a viral outbreak has occurred here too.

The duo has to face yet another zombie attack filled with mutated insects, hunters, giant spiders, and last but not least Alfred Ashford. Steve manages to kill Alfred (or so he thought). In truth Alfred lives up until the rebirth of his twin sister. Alexia is enraged to see her dead brother so she orders one of the mutant tentacles to kill Steve.

Alexia decides to use them to further her experimentations so she subjects Steve to the T-Veronica Virus. Steve turns into this green mutant with the intent to Kill Claire. Due to Claire's kind nature she doesn't want to kill her friend and runs away. Steve fights off Alexia's control and cuts Claire free from one of the tentacles trying to kill her. By doing so another tentacle runs right through Steve who reverts back to his human form once this happens.

While in Claire's arms she informs Steve that Chris has arrived to save them. (Every sad event must have some type of cheesy emotional speech come with it so you can imagine what Steve says next.) Steve is glad to hear that Chris has arrived and informs Claire that he is happy to have met her and that he loved her. He then dies in Claire's arms ( how is that for a dramatic ending? Unfortunately, the game is not over. Well, for Steve it is but not for the player).

Steve's dad body is left by the Redfield siblings as they go battle Alexia. Albert Wesker extracts a sample of the T-Veronica Virus from Steve's body and in a couple of years sells it on the black market to Javier Hidalgo so he can cure his daughter Manuela.