Basic Info
Full Name: Sherry Birkin
Gender: Female
First Appears: Resident Evil 2
Appears In:
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Resident Evil 6
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Sherry Birkin


Sherry Birkin is the daughter of Umbrella Researchers, Annette and William Birkin. She plays a supporting role in Resident Evil 2 mainly in Claire Redfield's campaign. She then appears again in Resident Evil 6 as a government agent and playable character in Jake Muller's campaign.

Residnet Evil 2

In 1998, William Birkin finished his life's work, the G-Virus. Planning on selling it to the U.S Government,Umbrella sent out a special Ops team to retrieve all samples of the virus. When the team led by H.U.N.K arrived William refused to hand over the virus and was shot down. He then infected himself with a sample of the G-Virus in order to avoid dying. He then turned into a hideous monster set on destroying everything and everyone in his path. During this time several vials of the T-Virus were scatter on the ground and broke. Rats then came into contact with the virus and even ingested some of it, spreading it across Raccoon City.

Sherry was unaware of the events taking place, especially the fact that the city will soon be consumed with zombies. Annette then contacted Sherry's school, East Raccoon Elementary, and told her to head home immediately. When Sherry reached her house Annette told her to retrieve her locket from a jewelry box and head straight to the Raccoon City Police Department, warning her not to speak to anyone. When Sherry reaches the police station it has already been overrun by the undead. Sherry went into hiding to avoid the zombies and B.O.W.s lurking around the station. Sherry soon encounters another survivor, Claire Redfield. Gaining her trust and friendship the two then work together to escape the zombie infested precinct.

As the two looked for a way outside the city, they were constantly stalked by a mutated William Birkin. While in the sewers Claire and Sherry were separated. Using a series of shafts, Sherry was able to easily maneuver around enemies and eventually found a wolf medal. She had not realized that the floor she was standing on was used to dispose of trash and it then dropped open causing Sherry to fall deeper into the sewers. Although the bags of trash broke her fall the shock of the impact left the young girl unconscious. unable to protect herself, she was implanted with a G-embryo.

When Sherry reunited with Claire, she began feeling a horrible pain in her stomach. Claire recognized the symptoms after having previous experiences with the G-embryo before. Due to Sherry's relation to her father, she was a compatible host and her body did not reject the virus like Chief Iron's had. After finding a safe place for Sherry to rest Claire set out to find a cure in the underground labs. While in the laboratory, Claire runs into Annette before William arrives fatally wounding her. Before dying Annette informs Claire of the location of the anecdote. Claire then attempts her escape, having Leon cary Sherry to a train before the lab self-destructs.

Before Claire could make her escape however, Birkin appears and she is forced to fight the monster and incapacitate it. She then rushed to the train joining Leon and Sherry. After giving Sherry the vaccine it was later revealed that the vaccine did not cure her of the G-Virus but instead provided her with accelerated healing abilities without side mutations. Soon after, Birkin appears as a blob and triggers the train to self destruct. Leon, Claire and Sherry manages to escape the train in one piece before it exploded, killing Birkin for good.


After their escape, Claire left to find her brother Chris Redfield. She leaves sherry her red vest as a reminder of their time together. Leon and Sherry were rescued by the U.S official authorities and used Sherry's safety as a way to bribe Leon into becoming a secret agent. Unfortunately for Sherry, she was used as an "object for government testing on her blood, and protected from Albert Wesker who wanted to get his hands on a sample of the G-Virus. Soon the virus within her system adjusted and adapted with the vaccine giving her enhanced regenerative abilities.

For years, Sherry went though daily tests under the supervision of Derek C. Simmons, who became her legal guardian. Simmons allowed Claire to visit Sherry when she returned from Antarctica, in order to provide Sherry with emotional support and comfort. After everything Sherry endured and her existence being a government secret, she began idolizing Claire who in turn taught her to be a strong woman. Unbeknownst to Sherry, Simmons and Carla Radames secretly combined the G-Virus variant within her blood with the T-Veronica Virus in order to create the C-Virus.

In 2009, Chris Redfield and his partner Sheva Alomar killed Albert Wesker freeing Sherry from the threat he once posed. the government offered Sherry a chance to leave their protective care as long as she aged to become a government agent under Simmons' supervision. Sherry accepted the deal not wanting to be a test subject any longer. Simmons secretly planned on using her despite his digest for her kind nature. (I know I have mentioned how stupid Ashley Graham was, but Sherry comes in as a close second to being the dumbest character in the Resident Evil series).

Resident Evil 6

In Resident Evil 6 Sherry returns as an adult where she is now a member of the DSO. Sherry's objective is to locate and protect the carrier of the virus antibodies, Jake Muller (Albert Wesker's son). Sherry Birkin was sent to Edonia where she witnessed soldiers of the Edonian Liberation Army injecting themselves with what they thought to be an energy booster provided by a woman in a blue dress (Carla Radames). However, it was actually the C-Virus which caused the men to mutate. There was one soldier who was not affected at all by the virus. Sherry immediately identified him as Jake.She informed him that his fellow mercenaries had become J'avo and they made their escape through a garbage chute. The two then travels through the edonian battlefield to a rendezvous point where Sherry would contact her higher-ups for pickup.

Jake proposed a deal, in order to receive his cooperation he wanted 50 million dollars. However, Sherry was still determined to keep Jake safe (In all actuality, throughout the campaign it seemed to be the other way around. Jake seemed to always do the protecting). Her protective detail however was made much more difficult when they both discovered that Jake was being tracked by the Ustanak, a cybernetic-enhanced B.O.W.

Jake and Sherry soon crossed paths with the BSAA operatives Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, who was currently trying to take down some enemy Anti-Aircraft guns. Sherry immediately figured out that Chris was Claire's brother, while Piers questioned her traveling with an Edonian Mercenary. Their chat was cut short when they were ambushed by a ogorman. Chris ordered Jake and Sherry to run but Sherry chose to help Chris and his team defeat the giant creature.

After helping Chris and his team defeat the monster, Chris offered them to take a ride in a chopper with a few BSAA soldiers. Once on the chopper Sherry confirms the deal with Jake. Jake now happy that he would be 50 million dollars richer began to open up. Unfortunately, his celebration was cut short when the Ustanak appeared again. The attack forced the two to jump on an adjacent plane before theirs crashed to the ground. In the second chopper, the duo attempts to defeat the Ustanak with mounted guns, only to end up falling from the chopper with only one parachute.

Using the parachute Jake took a hold of Sherry and pulled the cord releasing the parachute. Unfortunately, the parachute is split due to it being cut by parts of the now destroyed helicopter. With this the two plummeted to the ground. Jake awoke to find Sherry laying on top of him with blood covering her torso and his hands. Rolling of of him, Jake noticed a large piece of metal sticking out of Sherry's back. Sherry ordered Jake to remove the piece of debris from her back. As Jake grabbed a hold of it, he warned her that it would only make her bleed out. With Sherry insisting he remove it, he pulled it out of her back. The wound on Sherry's back instantly heals, giving Jake a shock.

Jake curious as to how she was able to do that asks questions. Sherry responds by stating that it was a long story. Sherry soon realized that the data chips holding all of Jake's data was missing. The two then proceeded to search for the missing chips in a nasty snow storm as well as battle swarms of armed J'avo.

After finding the three chips the two takes shelter in a cabin and tried to wait out the storm. Sherry not wanting to any longer opens the door and is almost pulled into the storm. Luckily, Jake grabs a hold of her in time slamming the door. As the two decided to continue to wait Jake asked her about her healing abilities. Sherry in tun tells him about her experience in Raccoon City and her father William Birkin. She explained that she was infected with the G-Virus but was given a vaccine in time, which allowed the virus to adapt to her body and giving her new abilities.

Out of nowhere Jake forces Sherry to the ground as the cabin is riddled with bullet holes. Fighting their way out of the ambush they hijacked some snow mobiles. They had to race against an avalanche and ended up inside a cave. Looking for a way out the two once again encountered the Ustanak. Silently sneaking around him to escape the duo's presence was soon revealed and the Ustanak gave chase. Coming across a drill the two hopped aboard and rammed the Ustanak with it supposedly killing him. They managed to escape only to run into more J'avo and Carla Radames.

Ustanak not being dead after all tosses Sherry in the air knocking her out completely. He then proceeds to crushing Jake with his foot as Carla reveals to him that he is the son of Albert Wesker. He was then knocked unconscious and the two were sent to a research facility in China where the two were experimented on.

Six months later, Sherry awoke to find that the lights in her room had gone out. Ready to investigate a J'avo enters her room, hiding under the bed she waits for the perfect time to strike. When doing so she manages to overpower the J'avo and steals his stun rod. She then journey through the facility killing a few J'avo on the way, and ending up in a locker room through a secret passage where she runs into Jake. Embarrassed because she is half naked she hides behind a locker as the two find clothing and gets dressed. While they did so Jake informed Sherry about Wesker being a fool and a terrible man. He also blamed his father for the way he behaved. Sherry feeling hurt by his words tell him that regardless of what his father did or who he was, Jake would have to take responsibility for his own actions.

After exiting the locker room the two end up in a a lavish living quarter of the facility. They then find out that they are in China. Wanting to contact her superiors and inform them of her situation she and Jake searches for a terminal where they can establish a line. The two come across a computer with data on Jake's biology and a cure, which Sherry copies onto a card and ties it with her. They find Sherry's phone and she contacts Simmons finding out that he is already in China.

Escaping the facility, the two takes a motorcycle and heads into the city with an enemy chopper on their tail. With the help of Chris and Piers, they took down the helicopter and went to meet up with Simmons at the rendezvous point. After traveling through the backstreets and alleyways the tow must face swarms of J'avo and soon come face to face with Ubistvo who Ada Wong had been fighting. The Ubistvo was knocked fro a train and landed in front of them. The creature then began attacking them but the two managed to gun it down. After it was presumed dead the two travel on running into Leon S. Kennedy, accompanied by Helena Harper. After their brief reunion Leon reveal that Derek Simmons was the cause of the global outbreaks. Sherry did not believe the news at first insisting that it was impossible because she reported to Simmons. Tension rose when Leon began to pressure Sherry into revealing Simmons location. Jake stepped in violently but Sherry pulled him aside informing him that Leon was one of her protectors in the Raccoon City disaster. Jake in turn decides to trust him.

The Ustanak returns once again attacking the you of them. They all work together to fight the large B.O.W and manages to send it fleeing. At this time the four are split up once again by a large electrical tower crashing down. Sherry tries to tell Leon and Helena the location of the rendezvous point before a massive explosion. With the hope that Leon heard her, Jake and Sherry continue on their journey. The two uses a river raft and sails into an ambush where the Ubistvo that they encountered earlier has returned for some revenge. With the assistance of Ada Wong the two mange to escape unharmed.

Finally making it to the rendezvous point , Sherry hesitates and tells Jake that if things go bad she wanted him to escape no matter what happens. Jake agreed and the two entered the doors, finding Leon and Helena holding Simmons at gun point. Simmons ordered Sherry to take care of the two, but Sherry refused and asked him was it true that he was responsible for the attacks. Angered by her suspicions, Simmons reveals that the president has been killed by Leon. Helena and Leon soon rebutted and a gun fight battle begins. Jake and Shery are captured by J'avo and was taken to an underwater oil plant.

The two awaken bound and stripped of their weapons. Sherry then apologizes for not seeing through Simmons lies. Suddenly the two were set free and Sherry rushed through an air vent to retrieve their weapons and free Jake from the cell. The two then fight their way pass a bunch of rasklapanjie and activate an elevator. They barely escaped alive when one of the creatures caused the facility to overload and spiral out of control.

As they made their escape the run into Chris and Piers. At this time there is a confrontation between Chris and Jake when Chris informs him that he was the man who killed his father. Jake didn't kill Chris but their conversation was interrupted when Haos began to awaken. Taking the lifts the four of them had to fight off enemies until they reached the top. After witnessing Haos emerge from its cocoon, the two dodges its attack and make their escape while Chris and Piers stays behind to defeat the creature.

Entering a room filled with hot lava the duo comes face to face with the Ustanak once again. After a battle between Jake and the Ustanak, Jake manages to defeat him and the two made their way to the exit. They found a lift which moved at a very fast pace but was once again confronted by the Ustanak. Sherry spotted a gun and quickly grabbed it pointing it at the monster. Unable to keep her hand steady Jake places his hand over hers and helped her fire the gun killing the Ustanak once and for all. As they hold on to the lift Jake thanks Sherry for saving his life.