Basic Info
Game Name: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
Release Date: November 2009
Platforms: Playstation Network (PS3)
Publishers: Capcom
Developer: Cavia Inc.
Shirogumi, Inc.
Theme: Horror
Genre: Action/Adventure
Light gun shooter

Resident Evil: The Darkside Cronicles


Resident Evil: the Darkside Chronicles consists of three different campaign scenarios. Follow-up to Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, the story of Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: Code Veronica and a prequel to Resident Evil 4 (Operation Javier) make up the overall game.


Leon S. Kennedy and Jack Krauser are sent on a mission to apprehend drug lord, Javier Hidalgo. The two venture into a village where they are suppose to meet their guide. Krauser was skeptical about the existence of B.O.W.s, but knew Leon had in fact faced them in the past. upon entering the village there is news broadcasted about missing women within the village. The two began to move about and are soon attacked by a swarm of zombies and other B.O.W.s.

After fighting their way to their destination, they find their guy fatally wounded. The guide informs them that a girl brought the horrible events upon the village and that she escaped from Javier's mansion a few days prior to their arrival. Leon and Krauser then makes their way to a church where they find the girl, who appears to be wounded in a bloody dress and bandages on her arm. She is singing to a sea-like monster and the B.O.W. sits and listens. The girl passes out and the monster notices Leon's and Krauser's presence. The two must now battle the monster. After sending it fleeing, Krauser decides that it is time that Leon reveals everything he knows about the B.O.W. threat.

At this time, the game will journey back to the events of Resident Evil 2 in Raccoon City. He mentions his run in with Claire Redfield and how the two teamed up to survive the T-Virus plaguing the city. The two then head to the police department only to find out that it too was overrun with zombies. They do however, find one survivor, Sherry Birkin. Sherry being a frightened found girl, runs away from the two. Leon and Claire chase after her and soon finds out she is the daughter of two Umbrella Scientists, William and Annette Birkin.

In the sewers beneath the city, the duo runs into Annette Birkin, who informs the two that the monster chasing Sherry was in fact her husband. After being shot, William Birkin injected himself with the G-Virus. After catching up with Sherry, in his transformed state and drive to procreate, he infects his daughter with the virus. Claire and Leon finds the cure in the underground labs and cure Sherry. After killing William and escaping the facility, Claire decides to continue her search for her brother while Leon is pressured into working for the U.S. Government.

The story then returns to South America where the girl (Manuela Hidalgo) wakes up on a boat with Leon and Krauser. She announcees that her name is Manuela and agrees to lead the two to Javier's mansion. They make their way to a dam controlled by the Javier. Here the trio comes face to face with Javier himself. Javier informs the two agents that Manuela was in fact his daughter and the carrier of the T-Veronica Virus. Javier tells Manuela that she only needs to follow his directions for fifteen years to prevent the transformation. Soon after, Leon and Krauser is swept away by a gush of water. Not wanting to be stuck with her father, Manuela jumps into the water after them, managing another escape.

As they are being washed away, Leon reverts back to the events told to him by Claire. At this time the game starts the Resident Evil: Code Veronica story. Claire had been searching for her brother, Chris Redfield, in the Umbrella Facility located in Paris. Unfortunately, she was captured and taken to a prison facility on Rockfort Island. Here she meets another prisoner, Steve Burnside, and together they try to escape the island.

They soon run into the commander of the island, Alfred Ashford, a very deranged and sick man. Claire and Steve manage to retrieve a key frm Alfred. The key was used for a plane, in which the two climb aboard. Not knowing that the plane was set to auto pilot, Alfred manages to send the two to an Umbrella Facility located in Antarctica.

Alfred makes an attempt to kill Claire and Steve again but fails. He then awakens his sister who has been in hibernation for fifteen years after injecting herself with the T Veronica Virus. As the two tries to escape Alexia Ashford attacks their escape vehicle and captures Claire and Steve.

Meanwhile, Leon had used his government resources to track down Claire and informed her brother on the danger she was in. Chris immediately travels to Antarctica and finds Claire. At this time they come across Alexia who informs them that her experiment is waiting for them in the coliseum.

There they find an infected Steve who transforms into a monster and attacks them. Nearly defeating Steve, Alexia goes in to kill the siblings but Steve manages to gain control of himself and frees Claire. Alexia in turn kills Steve. The two have a final confrontation with Alexia and manages to defeat her. When they return to the coliseum, they find that Steve's body has been taken. A writing on the wall informs the siblings the Albert Wesker took Steve's body and he now had a sample of the T-Veronica Virus.

The game then reverts back to South America where Leon, Krauser, an Manuela reunite. Leon asks Manuela about what was going on and Manuela unwraps the bandages on her arm revealing a diseased arm underneath. Manuela proceeds to inform the two that she was diagnosed with the same disease that killed her mother. In an attempt to save her life, her father injected her with the T-Veronica Virus. Before heading to Javier's mansion, Krauser suggest that they should take care of the girl before she becomes a problem. leon then states that he wants to find out Javier managed to keep the virus at bay and that he was sent on the mission with special orders from the president. His true mission was to eliminate all sample of the virus once and for all, Krauser being a soldier agreed to help Leon on his quest.

Upon arriving at the mansion, Leon comes across a room filled with human organs and a refrigerator of human bodies. All of them being the bodies of the missing girls. Javier appears revealing that Manuela's organs must be replaced regularly in order to keep the virus at bay. Javier then commands the sea-like monster the two had fought earlier to attack. During the fight Krauser is badly wounded and Manuela uses her singing to distract the monster. After having defeated the creature, Manuela realizes that the creature is actually her mother.

The scene then shifts to Javier who allows himself to be swallowed whole by a flower in his greenhouse. After merging with the flower Javier proceeds to attack Leon and Krauser. Manuela coming to the realization that she would rather die than become a monster runs towards her father. Leon chases after her and tackles her to the ground. At this time Javier proceeds to step on the two but raising her diseased arm, Manuela's arm bursts into flames and is able to stop the attack. The trio the proceeds to fight Javier and manages to defeat him.

The three then climb aboard a chopper, here Manuela says she should've died with her father. Leon intercepts by saying no one should have died and that she had an obligation to live for the sake of the girls inside her. Manuela was then taken into custody by the U.S Government.