Basic Info
Game Name: Resident Evil 4
Release Date: January 2005
Platforms: Playstation Network (PS3)
Xbox Live Marketplace
Playstation 2
Publishers: Ubisoft Entertainment
Typhoon Games Ltd.
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4
Theme: Horror
Genre: Action/Adventure
Ada Wong
Albert Wesker
Ashley Graham
Bitores Mendez
Dr Salvador
Ingrid Hunnigan
Jack Krauser
Leon S. Kennedy
Luis Sera
Osmund Saddler
Ramon Salazar
The Merchant

Resident Evil 4


Resident Evil 4 would probably be the first game within the Resident Evil franchise to go through a drastic change from the previous game. In this game the camera angles were altered giving a more personal feel within the game. To be honest I believe this game was actually the scariest out of all of the Resident Evil games. Instead of the usual zombie slaying concepts, Capcom added ghosts and other supernatural concepts into the game.

The game was originally released for Gamecube on January 2005 and soon was ported over to Playstation 2 in October of 2005. In 2007 Nintendo Wii and PC versions of the game were released. In 2011 the HD version was released for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live.


After the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City; Leon S. Kennedy is recruited by a member of the Secret Service Adam Benford. Leon's assignment is to rescue President Graham's daughter (Ashley Graham) who has been kidnapped by a cult known as the Los Illuminados. Leon is sent to a village in Spain where Ashley was last seen. Two policemen accompanies Leon to the village. The car stops at a footbridge where Leon crosses alone.

After coming across the bridge Leon makes his way through the woods where he comes across a small house. He meets a man in the house and asks him if he has seen Ashley. In response, the man throws an axe at him. After killing the man and avoiding traps within the forest, Leon finally reaches the village. Looking on from the outskirts of the village Leon notices that the villagers have killed the two policemen who escorted him to the site. Soon after Leon is spotted by one of the villagers and is attacked. Leon barricades himself in a house to get say from the swarm of villagers. All the villagers including one with a chainsaw tries to kill Leon. Leon has to avoid being killed until a church bell rings. At this time, the villagers will walk away completely ignoring Leon's presence. Leon will soon continue on his mission, killing villagers, dodging boulders, and soon will meet a creepy merchant. (Side note here: The merchant is really cool but creepy. Oddly he only shows up in Resident Evil 4. I am not entirely sure why that is. In my opinion Capcom should think about putting him in another game. Just trying to keep it consistent here folks.)

Leon soon meets Bitores Mendez, a huge guy who knocks him out. Leon wakes up tied to a man named Luis Sera. Luis Sera is an ex-Madrid cop, who used to do research for the cult, Los Illuminados. Leon looks at Sera's notes and finds out that the cult is controlled by a man named Osmund Saddler. He founds out that Saddler controls the villagers with a parasite called Las Plagas, which transforms the villagers into mindless slaves called Los Ganados (Another side note people, the villagers are not exactly zombies. They are more of mindless people. They don't bite, they just kill buy stabbing and throwing objects at you. Or cutting you up with a chainsaw). Saddler plans on injecting Ashley Graham with the Los Plagas parasite, then have her infiltrate the United States Government; allowing the Los Illuminados to take over. While Leon was knocked out he was also injected with the parasite. When Leon comes to, he resumes his mission. Leon soon arrives at a huge lake where he sees a few Ganados dumping the second policeman's body into the lake. A giant fish called Del Lago eats the corpse. Leon must face the creature in order to cross the lake. After his experience with the Del Lago, he collapses in the lakeside cabin. Leon soon has horrible nightmares due to the parasite infestation within him.

Leon discovers that Ashley is being held in the village's church. He finds a key to get into the church and manages to rescue Ashley after battling El Gigante. Saddler informs the two that the parasite is growing inside them and soon they will be his puppets. The two escapes and head for the extraction point. During this time the two runs into Luis Sera. They find themselves barricaded in a cabin where the player must once again avoid dying and battle a swarm of Ganados. After defeating the swarm Luis parts ways with the duo once again. Unfortunately for Leon and Ashley, the helicopter sent to retrieve the two was shot down. HQ informs Leon that another chopper is on the way. During this time the duo seeks refuge in a nearby castle. Before they can enter the castle however, they must retrieve Mendez' eye. Leon faces Mendez in a barn, who in turns transforms into a creepy looking monster. Leon defeats Mendez and retrieves the eye. At this time the two enters the castle (When battling Mendez I would strongly suggest that you have a rocket launcher at the ready. Aim for the torso to split Mendez in half. The rest is easy going from there).

The two finds that the castle wasn't the best hiding place after all. They must ace hordes of Los Illuminados and monks, who uses a bunch of medieval weapons to try and kill Leon and capture Ashley. Ramon Salazar (the castle's king) jams all of Leon's communications. As the two fights through the castle, Ashley starts to cough up blood and runs off. She is then captured and once again Leon must save her (To be truthfully honest, Ashley is the dumbest character I've met in the Resident Evil series). Leon then meets ex-colleague Ada Wong, who has already saved him from Mendez (Ada always seems to be helping Leon out in every game the two are in. If you're not familiar with Ada Wong she always seems to maneuver behind the scenes within most of the games she's been in. Most of the time her campaign is included as extra content or there is a set goal the player has to achieve in order to play her campaign). Ada Wong is currently working for the Organization with her own agenda. Before Leon can find out what she is doing there, she escapes. Luis soon arrives on the scene with two antidotes to the Las Plagas parasite. He is also holding the Master Plaga which is a parasite that allows the person infected to keep their mind and control others that are infested. Just as Luis is about to hand over the antidotes Saddler sneaks up behind him and stabs him with a tentacle that appears from under his tunic (This puts an end to the short lived Luis Sera). Ashley is captured yet again, and Leon swear to avenge Luis's death.

Leon soon encounters Salazar who informs him that Ashley has been taken to a research facility on a nearby island. Salazer then turns into a mutated flower and the player must defeat him. Once Leon manages to defeat Salazar he heads to the research facility accompanied by Ada. Once again he must fight Ganados,, but manages to find Ashley along with the two antidotes and the Master Plaga. They use the antidotes to get rid of the parasite within them. After fighting Saddler, with the help of Ada Wong, Leon manages to defeat Saddler. Ada in turn steal the Master Plaga from Leon. The island is set to blow and the duo must get off the island quickly.

Leon and Ashley manages to escape the island just before it blows by jet-ski. The impact of the explosion sends Ashley flying; Leon briefly searches for her. Upon finding Ashley Leon says "Lets go home". Ashley responds by saying "mission accomplished". The ending scene shows the two traveling into the open ocean. At this time ashley says to Leon "After you take me back to my place, how aout we do some overtime?". Leon politely refuses her offer (I was shocked she actually made a pass at Leon. Although if I were Leon I would refuse too).

Seperate Ways

In the Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii versions you have an additional 3-5 hour campaign where you play as Ada Wong. In this campaign you follow Ada through the whole game in 5 different chapters. Each chapter takes place in different section and time of the game. In the campaign you are allowed to buy weapons from the Merchant but you cannot upgrade the weapons. The treasures from Leon's campaign is also are also in Ada's an includes some key items. Each chapter has a cutscene and ends with Ada giving an audio report on a character included in the chapter.

In chapter 1, Aa has been given a mission by Albert Wesker to retrieve a sample of the Las Plagas parasite. Ada arrives in the village around the same time as Leon and observes his fight against the infested villagers. In order to help Leon, Ada must make it to the church and ring it's bell.

In chapter 2, Ada found out that Luis has the sample, but he has gone missing. She must now find Luis. Ada starts off in Bitres Mendez house and makes her way to the cabin where Leon finds Luis. When she reaches the cabin she finds out that Leon and Luis has been captured by Mendez. Ada then makes her way back to Mendez's house as Leon and Mendez meets in the hallway. Ada manages to save Leon but ends up being tranquilized and captured by Mendez. Ada wakes up to find herself laying on a bloody alter located near the lift area. She is about to be sacrificed by the villagers, but she manages to escape. She takes the lift and fights an El Gigante. Finally, she locate Luis who is exiting a cabin in which him and Leon had to fight off a swarm of villagers.

In chapter 3, Ada is still after the sample that Luis has in his possession. The chapter starts off at Leon and Ada's first meeting, in a room overlooking the castle's maze garden. ada flees into the maze. Wesker then gives Ada the order to kill Leon on sight. Not wanting to kill her old acquaintance, Ada vows not to run into Leon again. Ada does end up in the room where Leon finds Ashley shackled to a wall. Ada hits behind a column as Luis is killed by Saddler in front of Leon. Saddler retrieves the samples that Luis was holding and escapes. Wesker tells Ada there will be another time to retrieve the samples.

In chapter 4, the game jumps ahead to the island, where Jack Krauser's suspicions about Ada reaches its peek. Krauser is then ordered to kill Leon. Ada then rushes to the room where Krauser and Leon fight, in order to stop Krauser. This takes place on a ship dock with turrets and canons. Ada manages to stop the fight and save Leon.

In the final chapter, Ada must once again retrieve the sample. This chapter takes place at the end of the game where Ada makes her way through the camp Leon and helicopter buddy Mike had fought through. After she kills some soldiers she is confronted by Krauser once again who now ants to fight Ada. The fight takes place after Leon supposedly killed Krauser. krater, still at full strength is defeated by Ada. Afterwards, Ada makes her way towards the room where Leon and Ashley runs into Saddler. Ada interrupts the confrontation allowing Leon and Ashley to escape. Ada faces Saddler who is in a human state. When the battle seemed to be over, Ada grabs the sample but ended up being captured in the process. Ada wakes up prior to Leon and Saddler's final fight. Leon releases Ada and she stands back as Leon and Saddler fight. She notices a rocket launcher and throws it to Leon. Leon uses it against Saddler, killing him. Ada takes the sample from Leon, set the island to self destruct and escapes on a helicopter.