Basic Info
Game Name: Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
Release Date: November 1999
Platforms: Playstation (PSP)
Playstation (PS2)
Publishers: Capcom
Virgin Games, Inc.
Developers: Capcom
Themes: Horror
Modern Military
Genre: Action/Adventure
Barry Burton
Brad Vickers
Carlos Oliveira
Dario Rosso
Jill Valentine
Marvin Branagh
Mikhail Victor
Murphy Seeker
Nicholai Ginovaef
Tyrell Patrick

Resident Evil 3


Resident Evil 3, also known as Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, is based in none other than the zombie infested Raccoon City. Our main protagonist in this game is Jill Valentine, who is in the process of escaping Raccoon City. These events occurs the day before the events in Resident Evil 2 and continues throughout, surpassing them to the day after.

During the gameplay you will come across some of the famous locations seen in Resident Evil 2, such as the R.P.D (Raccoon City Police Department). Throughout the game Jill is attacked by the Umbrella Corporation's newest B.O.W (Bio Organic Weapon), and title character, Nemesis. Nemesis is fairly similar to the B.O.W T-103 from Resident Evil 2 (also referred to as Mr. X by Claire), the Nemesis will appear in scripted locations trying to kill Jill Valentine. Unlike the T-103, Nemesis can follow the player into rooms and is equipped with his very own unique Rocket Launcher. To help Jill in her never ending battle against Nemesis, she meets U.B.C.S (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) member, Carlos Oliveira.


Resident Evil 3 Nemesis follows character Jill Valentine in here escape to flee the city (Raccoon City). Jill travels to the Raccoon City Police Department, after witnessing Brad Vickers being brutally murdered by Umbrella's newest B.O.W Nemesis, Jill takes refuge in the R.P.D. Jill escapes the Nemesis and soon after she meets the surviving members of the U.C.B.S team which includes, Carlos Oliveira, Mikhail Victor, and Nicholai Ginovaef, who uses a broken train carriage as a base of operations. Mikhail is severely injured and is not of any use to Jill or anyone else for that matter.

In order for them to get the train running they need certain things in which Jill offeres to help them find. Nicholai accepts Jill's offer and the team goes on a search for the things they need. During Jill's search however, you will come across Nicholai in either the Gas Station or the Managment Office (these settings depend on the choices the player makes throughout the game search). Either way, Nicholai is presumed dead, by either an explosion or zombie attack. After Jill fixes the train and gets it running the team heads to the U.B.C.S evacuation point. Unfortunately, Nemesis makes his way onboard. Mikhail sacrifices himself with a grenade but his bravery lead to a horrible crash.

Jill manages to somehow survive the train crash and proceeds to the Clocktowers, using their dong mechanisms to signal a rescue chopper which is shot down by Nemesis. Jill has no other choice but to face Nemesis, but not before being infected with the T-Virus herself by Nemesis. Jill still manages to defeat Nemesis but falls unconcious. Carlos soon appears and carries an unconcious Jill to the Clocktower chapel.

At this point the player will take over as Carlos and must travel to the hospital. Along the way Carlos will learn of Nicholai's survival and betrayal via another U.B.C.S soldier, who is soon after blown up by a trap set by Nicholai, or Nicholai himself will tell you (Once again this depends on the player's choices). It is revealed that Nicholai is one of the "Supervisors" whos mission was to collect combat data from the U.B.C.S fight against the B.O.Ws. For extra cash, Nicholai is killing all the other "Supervisors" in order for him to be the sole survivor. After a brief encounter with a now mutated Nemesis, Carlos will heal Jill with a vaccine he concocted. Carlos will inform Jill that he has something to take care of and leave Jill alone in the chapel. At this time the player will regain control of Jill.

Jill travels to the Raccoon City park where she is once again confronted by Nemesis, causing her to flee into the power plant. Here she meets up with Carlos once again who informs her that Raccoon City will be hit by a missile, regardless of how many survivors, in order to contain the virus. Jill and Carlos decides to split up once again in order to find a way out of the city.

During Jill's travels she will once again come across Nicholai, either outside a dumping facility or piloting the last helicopter. At this point he is officially killed by either Nemesis or Jill. There is also another possibility where Nicholai will actually flee the city too, but either way Jill will still come face to face with Nemesis in the waste room. By manipulating the pipes to spew acid all over Nemesis, Jill beats him to a point where he loses most of his limbs. Jill then acquires an Umbrella scientist ID card and uses it to make her way to the radio room. At this time she will either recieve a broadcasting from an "old friend" (if Nicholai manages to get to the last helicopter) or she is greeted by Carlos who tells her to have hope.

Jill will then make her way down to the Rail-Gun room, where the carcass of the Nemesis falls from above. Feasting on a deceased T-103, Nemesis then further mutates into a squid looking creature. Jill must now use the Rail-gun to put an end to the Nemesis. Jill then takes an elevator outside and boards a helicopter piloted by Barry Burton or Carlos depending on the choices made by the player. The game ends as Jill watches Raccoon City being destroyed. She then vows to make Umbrella pay for their crimes.