Basic Info
Game Name: Resident Evil
Release Date: March 1996
Platforms: Playstation
Publishers: Capcom
Virgin Games, Inc.
Developers: Capcom Production Studio 4
Nex Entertainment
Westwood Studios
Designer: Shinji Mikami
Theme: Horror
Genre: Action/Adventure

Resident Evil


Resident Evil is a survival horror game originally released in 1996 for the Playstation and Sega Saturn. Due to its success there was a remake of the original, released in 2002 for the Gamecube. The remake included new and better graphics as well as different environments. According to the designer, the remake was 70% different from the original. In the game a group of Special Forces Agents, known as S.T.A.R.S, enter a mansion located outside of Raccoon City. The group must battle zombies and terrifying mutant while trying to uncover the truth behind the chaos going on in the manor.


In the game there are two playable characters to choose from. You can pick to play as Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. The two have their own special abilities; the story depends on the character you choose to play with. Jill starts the game off with a lock pick which she recieves from Barry. With this jill can aviod doing puzzles which Chris has no other choice but to do (those who suck at puzzles would be better off being Jill). Although, not having to take part in solving puzzles; Chris can take much more damage than Jill and starts off with a combat knife (a person like me who is always getting attacked, I would probably be better off as Chris).

Enemies consist of regular human zombies, to infected animals and insects. The worst are the hunters so watch out for them. Throughout the manor in certain rooms you will find objects that will help you in your fight for survival. You will find weapons ranging from the usual pistol, the shotgun, or the weapon that really packs-a-punch, a rocket launcher. You will also find herbs and first aid sprays which are very useful when you are badly injured.

In the re-make however, you will have some auto defense weapons which helps when an enemy has a hold on you. hese weapons include daggers, batteries for Jill's taser, and stun grenades that Chris can use to decapitate enemys (your shot has to be precise though for this to happen). As good as this may sound, you also have crimson heads which are considered "super zombies". These zombies will fall for a while when you defeat them but if you happen to by pass them again they will get up much faster and stronger than before. Never fret though, there are two ways to get around this mutation. You can blow the enemy's head or legs off or burn them. There are gasoline tanks scattered around the area; use this accompanied with a lighter and set it on fire (both techniques are highly required when you reach the higher difficulty levels).

By completing the game in various ways the player can unlock additional costumes, game modes, special weapons and even a thank you letter from the Resident Evil team. The player can also unlock alternate endings (Once again theses endings depends on the players decisions within the game).


July 24th, 1998; there has been reports of cannibalism related murders in a small town. Local law enforcement sends out S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team to investigate the murders, but connection with Bravo team is soon lost. S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team was then dispatched following Bravo's team disappearance. Their mission was to investigate the murders as well as find their missing counterparts.

While flying over a forest located on the outskirts of Raccoon City, Alpha Team notices Bravo team's helicopter, smoldering on the ground below. The team lands and investigates the sign while pilot, Brad Vickers, stays behind. There are no sign of survivors but soon after a severed hand is forund wielding a gun. After the devastating discovery the team is ambushed by powerful mutated canines. While fighting them off, Joseph Frost is eaten alive. Vickers takes flight and leaves his fellow teammates behind. Chris Redfield notices a manor in the distance and orders everyone to take refuge inside.

At this point there are only four members of Alpha team left and the manor was completely surrounded by mutated canines. After taking a status report, the team hears a gunshot in another room. Chris and Jill (depending on which character the player chooses) checks the scene. Kenneth J. Sullivan is being overtaken by a zombie who rips his head off with a vicious bite. After defeating the zombie, you must take part in solving challenging puzzles, booby traps and the living dead; all with the hope of finding a living survivor.

Around the mansion you will find a number of files and diaries explaining the events leading up to the catastrophic events now taking place. It is soon revealed that the Umbrella Corporation, a powerful bioengineering pharmaceutical company, has been conducting illegal experimentations in the manor. Which are the results of the mutated canines, insects and living dead, all infected by the T-Virus.

After solving all the secrets of the manor, Jill and Chris ends up in an underground laboratory. One of the surviving Alpha team members, Albert Wesker, reveals that he is a traitor and have been working for the Umbrella Corporation all along. Wesker releases Tyrant T-002, one of Umbrella's experiments with a powerful exposure to the T-Virus mutigen. The Tyrant turns on Wesker and knocks him out cold, leaving it up to Chris and Jill to gt rid of it and evacuate. A self destruct sequence is soon initiated, sending an alarm throughout the laboratory.

After "defeating" the Tyrant Chris and Jill head to the helipad to call fo Vicker's chopper. As the chopper flies into view the Tyrant returns once again. After a brief battle, Vickers throws down a rocket launcher allowing Chris and Jill to get rid of this monster once and for all. After blowing the Tyrant to bits Chris, Jill, the remaining survivors of Alpha team, and Rebecca Chambers (the only survivor from Bravo team) boards the helicopter and flies off before the manor and laboratory are completely destroyed.