Basic Info
Full Name: Manuela Hidalgo
Gender: Female
First Appears: Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles
Appears In:
Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles

Manuela Hidalgo


Manuela Hidalgo is the daughter of Javier Hidalgo and a carrier of the T-Veronica Virus. Manuela makes her debut in Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, a remake of Resident Evil 2. Her story starts in the mission Operation Javier.

Operation Javier

Manuela is the daughter of drug lord Javier Hidalgo. Leon S Kennedy and Jack Krauser are sent to South America to apprehend Javier. They come to a village to meet with their guide to Javier's mansion, unfortunately they have to battle zombies before they find their badly injured guide who shortly thereafter dies. The guide informs the two that a girl was the cause of all the chaos in the village and that she had escaped from Javier's mansion. The two set out to find her and use her to lead them to Javier's mansion. The two come across Manuela singing to a B.O.W (Bio Organic Weapon) in a church. When she spots the duo, she stops singing and falls. Soon after Leon and Jack are attacked by this sea like creature (the B.O.W Manuela had been singing to earlier). After the creature flees, Jack and Leon convince Manuela to take them to Javier's mansion. During the journey they come across Javier who informs the two that Manuela is his daughter and that she has been inject with the T-Veronica Virus.

Manuela explains that she has been disease ridden and the same disease killed her mother. Javier injected her with the T-Veronica Virus (which he had acquired from Albert Wesker) in order to eliminate the disease that would kill her. In order to help Manuela survive the process her organs has to be changed with non-contaminated organs. Javier kidnaps young women within the region and uses their organs for his daughter.

Manuela who is suspicious as to why she is still alive convinces her doctors to tell her how she had survived. After learning the horrible things her father did, she flees his mansion and takes refuge at a nearby village. Javier injects his men with the T-Virus and infects himself with the T-Veronica Virus.

As for Manuela she decides to either die or leave with Leon. Leon up until now was under special orders by the president of the United States to eliminate all signs of the T-Veronica Virus. When Krauser finds out he agrees to assist Leon in his mission.

Once again the team is left to face the sea like creature once again. Krauser is shot with a spear-like tentacle from the beast which damages his arm pretty badly. The duo manages to defeat the beast but it seems that this creature is Manuela's mother. As the creature dies Manuela says "Mother" and a tear drop runs from the beasts eye (if that isn't an indication that the beast is her mother then I don't know what is).

Lastly, you must face Javier who has injected himself with the T-Veronica Virus. Manuela actually plays a big part in helping Leon and Krauser defeat Javier.

(The amount of time the player takes to defeat Javier determines Manuela's fate.)

Good ending: If the player defeats Javier under 10 minutes Manuela will live and leave with Leon.

Bad Ending: If the player takes 10 minutes or more to defeat Javier, Manuela dies due to the T-Veronica Virus.