Basic Info
Full Name: Kenneth J. Sullivan
Gender: Male
First Appears: Resident Evil
Appears In:
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence
Resident Evil: Director's Cut
Resident Evil

Kenneth J. Sullivan


Kenneth J. Sullivan was Bravo Teams point man and was in charge of scouting and reconnaissance. He was also a chemist and was put in charge of handling chemical protection duties. He is the first casualty of Bravo Team that you discover. Kenneth also makes a brief cameo in the opening of the Resident Evil prequel, Resident Evil 0.

Resident Evil

After Alpha team arrives at the mansion a gunshot is heard. Upon investigation, the player discovers Kenneth being devoured by a zombie. In the Gamecube version however, the player will come across a video recording of Kenneth's final moments before his untimely death. They play it at a later time within the game.