Basic Info
Full Name: Joseph Frost
Gender: Male
First Appears: Resident Evil
Appears In:
Resident Evil
Resident Evil:Deadly Silence
Resident Evil: Director's Cut

Joseph Frost


Joseph was happy to transfer to the Alpha Team. Unfortunately, he does live long enough to enjoy it.

Resident Evil

Unlike most of the Alpha Team members, Joseph never made it inside the Spencer Mansion. After arriving at the crash site of Bravo Team's helicopter, Joseph wanders off looking or clues. He spots a gun lying in the grass and to his surprise , attached to it is a hand (belonging to Bravo Team member Kevin Dooley). Joseph is shocked by the discovery and doesn't notice a mutated canine leaping towards him. Jill Valentine tries to save him but Joseph is already dead.


In the Gamecube version, Josephs death plays out a little differently. Instead of being killed by the Cerberus (mutated dog) right after he discovers Kevin's gun, he vomits in the forest and hears a strange noise. Upon investigating, with his shotgun drawn he sees nothing. He is soon blindsided by a Cerberus and is dragged off into the woods, soon to be eaten by a pack of mutated canines.