Basic Info
Full Name: Jill Valentine
Gender: Female
First Appears: Resident Evil
Appears In:
Resident Evil Vs.
Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Resident Evil: Revelations
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D
Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence
Resident Evil
Resident Evil: Director's Cut
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Jill Valentine


Jill Valentine is one of the well known female characters throughout the Resident Evil franchise. She is one of the main characters in Resident Evil. She is also the main character in Resident Evil 3. She is presumed dead in the beginning of Resident Evil 5 but turns out she is alive.

Resident Evil

In July 1988 there has been a series of bizarre murders in the Arklay Mountains on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Bravo Team was dispatched first to investigate the murders. Due to a disturbing report from Bravo Team's pilot and co-pilot Alpha Team is geared up and ready to go. They board their chopper, piloted by Brad Vickers and head out to the area. The team scans the area leaving Brad to watch the helicopter. Joseph Frost draws attention to himself after finding a gruesome discovery (Kevin Dooley's severed hand wielding a gun). At this time Joseph is killed by a Cerberus dog which caused Brad to flee the scene leaving his teammates behind.

The team manages to kill several dogs but because they are heavily outnumbered, they seek refuge in the Spencer Mansion. Once inside, Jill and Barry Burton are told to find Chris Redfield, who (in Jill's scenario) has gone missing. Jill and Barry runs into a pool of blood as well as the zombie that killed Kenneth J. Sullivan. Upon their return to the main hall Albert Wesker disappears leaving Jill and Barry to explore the mansion all alone. During their journey the duo encounters a ceiling trap and the mutated Lisa Trevor (In the Gamecube version Jill discovers Barry's betrayal but once they're on the same page they move on to the labs located in the mansion). Her they discover that their Captain Albert Wesker orchestrated the whole mission in order to retrieve combat data for the B.O.W.s within the mansion, by luring the S.T.A.R.S. members inside since they were more than qualified. Wesker saved the ultimate test for last by releasing the Tyrant model T-002. This way he would use the remaining S.T.A.R.S members to give him the combat data he needed.

To Wesker's surprise the Tyrant turns on him and impales him before tossing him to the side. Jill and Barry must then battle the Tyrant until it is "dead" or so they think. Their victory is interrupted when they realize that the self-destruct has been activated by Wesker and they only have 30 minutes to escape the blast radius. After meeting up with Chris, they receive a broadcast on their walkie talkies from Brad Vickers, informing them that he was circling the perimeter above the mansion. With this information the trio heads to the help-pad on the roof. Unfortunately the Tyrant T-002 reappears and takes them on once again. After some dodging and shooting the team reaches the help-pad where Brad throws down an RPG. Jill then uses it to dispose of the Tyrant once and for all. The team then boards the helicopter along with Bravo Team member Rebecca Chambers. They fly off shortly before the mansion is completely destroyed.


After escaping the Spencer Mansion, the five remaining S.T.A.R.S. members were called to a meeting room where they spoke to Chief Brian Irons. There they explained everything that happened while they were in the Spencer Mansion. He argued with them that this was nothing more than a PTSD and forbid them to go public with the information. Wesker, Enrico Marini, Joseph Frost, Kenneth J. Sullivan and everyone else who lost their lives on the mission were to receive a memorial service in honor of their bravery and how they protected the innocent.

The remaining survivors knew that Umbrella needed to be stopped and all developed a different course of action. Rebecca headed off to find Billy Coen (who in my opinion probably died once he went into that forest alone). Barry moved his family to Canada in order to avoid having the Umbrella Corporation getting their hands on them again. Chris decided to go to Europe to scope out Umbrella's head facility. Jill and Brad were the only two to stay behind. Jill wanted to investigate Umbrella's roots and Brad (being the coward he was) waited to hide out at a family member's house.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

On September 28th, Umbrella sent out their personal special tactics force known as the USS, lead by H.U.N.K. They infiltrate the underground sewer labs in order to retrieve the G-Virus. William was ordered to hand over all samples of the virus; not wanting to give up his life's work, he refused and was shot down. Unable to do anything, the USS proceeded in taking all the samples not knowing William Birkin had a sample on him. William then injects himself with it.

This resulted in the virus spread across Raccoon City. Rats found their way into the samples and ingested the virus. By daytime the city was filled with zombies and numerous B.O.W.s such as the Cerberus and Lickers. Seeing the devastation, Jill gears up in her apartment and makes her way through the city searching for survivors. Knowing she had to get out of the city before it was too late, she ends up running into a frantic Brad Vickers. He speaks quickly saying "He's after S.T.A.R.S. members!" sending Jill on edge. Jill then makes her way to the police station. As she is about to enter, Brad Vickers bursts through the gates.

Before brad can reach Jill Nemesis crashes down to the ground and palms Brad's face in his hand. A tentacle then shoots through Brad's head putting an end to his life. Nemesis then turns to Jill (the player now has a choice of fighting Nemesis or escaping into the police station. If the player chooses to escape, Nemesis will make an attempt to break in as you gather what you need). After running around the station looking for escape routes Jill comes across Carlos Oliveria, a mercenary hired by the U.B.C.S. Unbeknownst to him he is being used as combat data. Raccoon City is now a huge testing ground. At the heart of the operation was Sergeant Nicholai Ginovaef, who was assigned by the U.B.C.S. for this purpose. After finding out about his betrayal the two has to escape his grasp while battling the Nemesis. At one point Mikhail Viktor, a member of Carlos' platoon, sacrifices himself in order to save them. Unfortunately, his death was in vain.

Later on Jill is infected with with the virus due to Nemesis but managed to make her way to the clock tower where she collapses. Worried about his new friend Carlos sets out to find a vaccine. After locating a vaccine in the Raccoon City Hospital he rushes back to the clock tower to give the vaccine to Jill. After having to avoid Nicholai and the destruction of the hospital, Carlos manages to give the vaccine to Jill. After some time Jill pulls through and the two sets out once again.Coming across a lab Jill explores it and encounter Nicholai who reveals his betrayal and the bounty he wishes to have on Jill's head. Unfortunately, before he is able to collect on it, Nemesis returns ready for battle. (At this time, if Jill pushes Nemesis off the bridge, he kills Nicholai while attempting to kill her. If she jumps off the bridge, Nicholai will manage to escape in the helicopter Jill planned on using).

after pushing Nemesis off the bridge, Jill finds a Rail Gun and uses it in her next encounter with Nemesis. After using the Rail Gun to fatally wound Nemesis, she pulls out her magnum and shots him in the head; killing the NE-parasite once and for all. After defeating her stalker she boards a helicopter that Carlos has rallied, piloted by Barry Burton. As the two escapes the city they can see the U.S missile as it destroys the once peaceful Raccooon City. After seeing her home town destroyed, Jill swears revenge for all the innocent people destroyed by Umbrella.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

In February 2003, Jill and Chris are now members of the Private Bio-Hazard Containment Unit, an Anti-Umbrella Group. The organization found out about Umbrella's Russian Facility and the B.O.W.s being manufactured there. The two plans an immediate course of action and assembles a team to head to the facility. Since Jill and Chris are the most experienced, they head up the operation and when the team lands, the two sets out to destroy all remnants of the virus.

Of course with every mission there are casualties and they must listen to the sounds over their headsets as they try to be careful when moving about the facility. After dealing with the Crimson Heads, Hunters, Eliminators, and other infect ants the two finally reaches the heart of the facility which is underground. When they come to a room they encounter a voice belonging to Sergei Vladimir, the colonial and most sadistic of Umbrella's loyal employees. He unleashed Umbrella's latest creation with the help of the Red Queen, T-A.L.O.S. the creature was much like a Tyrant but unlike the previous models it had firepower built into it. It took some time nut the two managed to defeat the beast, only to find out that the T-Virus was mutating inside it turning it into it's true form. Attaching itself to the ceiling for a second round, the two finds it's weak spot and defeats the creature, leaving the rest for the Russian Military. When they reach the control center they noticed that the Red Queens database UMF-013 was wiped clean. Despite the shortcomings, the two knew that Umbrella was finished and the only remaining threat was Albert Wesker. (The two are not aware that Albert is alive at the time).

Resident Evil 5
Jill's Demise

During the end of 2006, Chris and Jill were able to pinpoint Ozwell E. Spencer's location due to an anonymous tip sent to the B.S.A.A. The two immediately take action, wanting to eliminate all remnants of Umbrella then set out for Europe. Once arriving at the castle the two has a bad feeling after seeing how familiar the place was to the Spencer Mansion and all the guards dead. The two knew that whatever killed them were extremely powerful and the two would soon have to face it. The two then began searching the place for Spencer with the hopes of finding him alive so they can arrest and question him.

During their journey the duo encounters creatures known as the Guardian Of Insanity. They were running around trying to kill and escape the creatures until they reached a pair of double doors. When the two barged in they found a dead Spencer with a large hole in his chest and back oozing blood; beside him was Albert Wesker. Immediately the two took action battling the powerful Wesker.

With Wesker's super human strength and speed he was able to dodge all there bullets and the two were no match for him. Before either knew it Chris was in Weskers grasp, by the window. Raising his hand to kill Chris like he did Spencer, Jill rushed over and tackled Wesker through the window. Chris had to watch his partner and sworn enemy plummet to a painful death. Due to Wesker's powers, he was able to survive the fall, having his body break Jill's fall she also survived but was unconscious. Wesker enraged due to the fact he was unable to kill Chris he took Jill's body to his base of operations.

Chris searched the cliff below but did not find his partner's body. Jill was then considered dead by all except Chris who still had hope that his partner was alive (He wasn't wrong). Albert Wesker had Jill in a cryogenic stasis pod where he began continuing his research on a new virus he was working on. Due to Jill's previous infection with the T-Virus, her body developed an anti body to fight off the virus. After discovering this Wesker was able to use Jill's anti-bodies to make his virus less deadly and more effective. Due to the experimentation Jill lost her pigmentation and now had blonde hair and paler skin. Wesker then woke Jill up and made her an ally. Administering a drug known as P30, Wesker was able to control Jill. Jill was aware of what she was doing but could not control her actions, making her a prisoner in her own body. Unfortunately the effects of the drug was only temporary and she started to become use to the drug, akin the effects lesser and lesser. Albert Wesker then attached a device to her chest which was attached to her main arteries and veins which would give her regular doses of the drug. By doing this it was easier to keep her under control making her the perfect puppet.

In 2009, Jill travels with Wesker to Africa where Wesker plans to reopen the African Umbrella Facility. Here is where the Progenitor flower is discovered and Wesker plans to use it for his Uroboros virus. Jill plays as Wesker's left hand and at times bodyguard. Throughout the game Jill is disguised with a birdlike mask and long dark cloak. Jill is sent out to give improved type Plagas to the citizens of Kijuju. She is also charged with the task of protecting Ricardo Irving, an ex Tricell employee and B.O.W dealer in the black market. During this job Jill encounters Chris who has been sent by the North American Branch of the B.S.A.A. to investigate the threat in Kijuju and arrest Irving.

Later on Chris and his new Partner, Sheva Alomar from the African Branch, rush in to find Excella Gionne, a high ranking Tricell executive. During this time the two discovers a document with Jill's picture on it, leading Chris to belief what he thought all along. Jill was in fact alive and he seeked some answers from Excella. Once again he is attacked by the mask hooded figure who in turn is protecting Irving. During the scuffle Chris shoots off the mask and Albert Wesker finally makes his appearance. After taunting Chris he unveils Jill to a shocked Chris and confused Sheva. It is now a team battle, Jill and Wesker vs. Chris and Sheva. During the fight Chris tries to get through to Jill but due to the device on her chest she continues to attack her former partner. After seven minutes of the fight, Wesker receives a phone call which he then takes his exit. Before leaving however, he increases her dose which causes Jill to go into a frenzy which can only end when the device is removed from her chest. Once the device is removed Jill collapses and Chris gathers her up into his arms.

Although she couldn't control her actions she had to watch them and asked for forgiveness from both Chris and Sheva. Jill then informs Chris that he has to stop Wesker. Chris reluctant to leave was then informed that Wesker planned on infecting the entire world with the Uroboros Virus by launching a missile into the air. Asking Chris if he believed in his partner, he reluctantly left with Sheva to stop Wesker. During this time Jill heads out of the facility in order to lend help to her former partner. Jill was the one to tell them about Wesker's weakness which was his injections. The virus in his body was unstable and he used the injections in order to keep it under control. However, If he was injected too soon the injection cold act as a poison, weakening Wesker. After she escaped with Josh Stone the two boarded a helicopter and made way to a volcano where the final battle was taking place. Chris and Sheva stopped Wesker from launching the missiles and the plane they were in crashed into a volcano. Enraged, Wesker punches a hole into one of the missiles and allows Uroboros to bond with him. After knocking him into the lava, Chris and Sheva retreats into the helicopter. Still alive Wesker grabs a hold of the chopper with an attempt to either get out of the lava or bring the chopper down with him. Regardless of which it is, Jill provides two RPG's which Chris and Sheva uses to end Wesker's reign once and for all.

Desperate Escape

In Desperate escape (reelased as downloadable content) it tells the story of Jill and Josh's escape of the facility. It starts just after Chris and Sheva real eases Jill from Wesker's mind control serum. Shortly after the two go to confront Wesker, Jill passes out. She is found by B.S.A.A. Delta Captain Josh Stone. The two then make there way through the facility planning to meet up with Delta Team Pilot Doug. After fighting hordes of Majini, canons, and a number of other enemies, the two reaches a radio tower where Jill is able to pass on the information about the instability of Wesker's virus. After losing contact the two head up to the roof where Doug can evacuate the two.

Unfortunately once they reach their destination jill and Josh must fend off a small army of Majini. Eventually Doug arrives but is killed by a Majini with a missile launcher. After mourning his friend Josh takes control of the chopper and with Jill the two flies off to help Chris and Sheva.