Basic Info
Full Name: Javier Hidalgo
Gender: Male
First Appears: Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles
Appears In:
Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles

Javier Hidalgo


Javier Hidalgo is the villain in the Operation Javier scenario in the Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles game.

Javier Hidalgo is a drug lord and the father of Manuela Hidalgo (the carrier of the T-Veronica Virus).
Hidalgo buys the T-Veronica Virus from Albert Wesker, who extracted the virus from Steve Burnside's body. In order to save his daughter from a disease indigenous to the region, Javier injects his daughter with the T-Veronica Virus. By doing this the virus would override the disease and in time clear up by itself. Javier also hires a former Umbrella researcher to help him in curing his daughter.

It would take 15 years for the disease to fade out but during that time the T-Veronica Virus has caused tremendous damage to Manuela's organs. Because of this Manuela needs new organs implanted in her on a regular basis to survive the virus and maintain her human form. Manuela becomes suspicious due to the fact that she is still alive and forces her doctor to tell her how she survived. Manuela flees the mansion, due to his daughters escape he infects her doctor and his personal army with the T-Virus and injects himself with the T-Veronica Virus.

Javier meets Manuela, Jack Krauser, and Leon S Kennedy at the dam leading to his mansion. At this time Javier reveals his relation to Manuela and tries to kill both Leon and Krauser. Manuela escapes with the agents and help assist them in defeating her father.

When the duo must face Javier who has fully mutated, Manuela uses her Veronica induced powers to defeat her father. The duo is successful in killing Javier and heads back to the US.

(This is the good ending, if the player doesn't defeat Javier under 10 minutes; Manuela will die.)