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Basic Info
Full Name: Chris Redfield
Gender: Male
First Appears: Resident Evil
Appears In:
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil
Resident Evil 6

Chris Redfield


Chris Redfield is one of the first and most recurring protagonists in the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil

After losing contact with the Bravo Team, Wesker deployed the S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team to investigate the Arklay Mountains. They find the downed chopper and immediately take a casualty as the Cerberus hounds are on the grounds. The team is chased into the Spencer Mansion by the infected dogs and they take cover there.

(Note: The only real difference between this opening and the Resident Evil: Director's Cut intro scene is a shot of Chris smoking which wasn't included in the original version).

Arriving in the main hall with Wesker and Jill with Barry nowhere to be found, the team hears a shot. Assuming that the gunshot is Barry, Chris goes to investigate but only finds the dead body of Bravo Team's Kenneth and the first zombie. Returning to the main hall to alert Wesker and Jill, he finds the place deserted and has to navigate the mansion on his own until he meets Richard who has been poisoned by Yawn, the giant snake. Instead of finding him right after the battle as in Jill's scenario, he's with Rebecca Chambers, Bravo Team's medic. From here, she sporadically helps Chris on his adventure, most notably playing Moonlight Sonata in order to open the passage for the Gold Emblem. Eventually discovering that Wesker arranged the destruction of S.T.A.R.S and that he worked for Umbrella prior to assuming command of the S.T.A.R.S, Wesker introduces Chris and Rebecca to the Tyrant. The beast seemingly kills Wesker and then attacks Chris & Rebecca. They are able to take down the monster and then escape. Chris finds Jill and the (now) trio make their way to the roof to signal Brad for a pickup.

During the fight, the Mansion's self-destruct mechanism is triggered. As the group waits for Brad to pick them up, the Tyrant emerges, stronger than ever. The trio fight the monster until Brad manages to deliver a rocket launcher to the group, which they use to destroy the Tyrant.

Chris, Jill and Rebecca escape the Mansion with Brad (Barry survives, but in Chris' game does not escape with them) and return to Raccoon City.

(Note: Due to the appearance of Barry Burton in Resident Evil 3, this version of the story was initially deemed as being the non-canonical version and Jill's version was accepted as canon until the events of Code Veronica X . Now the official take on the Spencer Mansion incident is made up of many different aspects of both Chris and Jills variations of the story, including the survival of both Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers, and the hostile rivalry introduced between Chris and Wesker).

Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Following the events of the first game, Chris goes into hiding to try and find evidence to implicate Umbrella in bio-weapon development. When Claire is captured by Umbrella while searching for him in Europe, she learns that Umbrella is keeping tabs on him. She emails Leon S. Kennedy (who is now working for the US Government) and Leon gets word to Chris not only that he is under Umbrella's surveillance but that Claire is a prisoner on Rockfort Island.

Chris travels to the island and as he is climbing the rock wall drops most of his supplies in the ocean. Chris meats Rodrigo Juan Ruval, the prison guard who captured Claire Redfield but also soon after released her. Juan explains that Claire escaped the island. However as Chris prepares to leave he comes face to face with a ghost from his past.

Albert Wesker reveals himself to Chris that not only is he alive, but that he has phenomenal new powers. He is stronger, faster and now has glaring red eyes. Wesker thrashes Chris and is about to kill him when Alexia reveals herself to the duo via a computer monitor. Wesker drops Chris and departs for Antarctica, with Chris in pursuit.

Arriving at the Umbrella facility, Wesker and Chris come face to face with Alexia Ashford, who sheds her mortal form for a more powerful one. Wesker, despite his new abilities, is no match physically for Alexia so he leaves Chris, his best man, to deal with her. Chris does so and then proceeds to reunite with his sister. The duo are then separated briefly while they deal with her. Claire seeks vengeance upon Alexia for the death of her friend Steve Burnside and using a Linear Launcher, destroys Alexia in her final form.

While making their way to their escape plane the Redfields come in contact with Wesker again. Chris sends Claire ahead. This time, the two fight in a cave under the facility, with Wesker having the upper hand. Chris manages to drop iron girders on Wesker, giving him enough time to reach the jet and escape with his sister. This battle left Wesker scarred temporarily and undoubtedly fueled the hatred Wesker had for Chris.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

February 18, 2003 - Chris reappears as a member of a Private Bio-Hazard Containment Unit alongside Jill Valentine. The hear rumors of a new B.O.W. being developed in Russia and charge in to deal with it with little to no intel. The duo storm the base with the intention of eliminating the B.O.W. and hopefully putting an end to Umbrella once and for all. The duo face zombies and many of the same B.O.W.s that they had faced in the past, including several that other teams had encountered.

Finally, Jill and Chris are greeted by Sergei Vladimir, the commander to the Russian Facility. He introduces them to the T.A.L.O.S., Umbrella's newest and most sophisticated B.O.W. that is controlled by the Red Queen A.I. The duo find and manage to barely defeat the new bio-weapon. Upon defeating the bio-weapon the Russian Military clear out all traces of the bio-weapons. The data that Umbrella had stored there was erased by Albert Wesker who had used the cover of the raid to battle and defeat Sergei and his Ivans.

While Umbrella was finished, Wesker was not, a fact that Chris and Jill knew all too well.

Resident Evil 5

Set 3 years after Jill Valentine's ''death'', Chris is still apart of the anti-B.O.W. group, the B.S.A.A. (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance).

Sent into Africa into the town of Kijuju, he is partnered with another B.S.A.A. operative from the African Branch, Sheva Alomar. They are to investigate an apparent arms deal occurring in the town head by the arms dealer Ricardo Irving. The whole town unfortunately is assessed to be infected with a more advanced version of the Las Plagas parasite similar to the type found by Leon S. Kennedy 4 years before. The majority of the B.S.A.A. team sent in, however, are killed during the investigation with Irving escaping most attempts of his capture. Irving is revealed to possess a new type of B.O.W., one that even Chris himself has never encountered before.

Soon enough Chris and Sheva manage to corner Irving on his boat. Ricardo injects himself with a powerful strand of Las Plagas though, turning him into a giant amphibious B.O.W. Thanks to the help of DELTA B.S.A.A. leader Josh Stone, Irving is taken down, and for some reason chooses to reveal Excella Gionne's involvement in the infestation of Kijiju and her location.

Using Irving's information, Chris and Sheva make their way to a cave with Josh heading back for reinforcements. Chris and Sheva, after fighting their way through a horde of infected from a shaman tribe, come into contact with Excella going through the same cat and mouse game they did with Irving. Reaching her office, the discovery of Albert Wesker as the mastermind, and his motives behind this ordeal, is revealed through the new virus called Uroborus; which is to create a new generation of life through natural selection. After Chris & Sheva fight off an Uroborus B.O.W., they continue the chase.

Eventually Chris and Sheva catch up to Excella, only for Albert Wesker to also make his arrival on the scene. Wesker has brought a mysterious individual with him and the duo fight the pair, until it is revealed that the figure in question is Jill Valentine. Excella makes her departure from the scene, with Wesker and Jill pairing against Chris and Sheva. Sheva distracts Jill while Chris manages to hold off Wesker until he is called and is forced to retreat. Wesker leaves the situation to Jill to finish both Chris and Sheva, but not before Jill reveals the reason for her strange state of mind: a weird circular device strapped onto her chest. Chris using his voice to conjure up memories of their relationship is able to stun Jill while Chris and Sheva work together in bringing her back to her normal self.

Chris manages to tear off the device on Jill which was infecting her with the mind-controlling virus. Once removed, Jill returns to normal and urges Chris and the newly acquainted Sheva to go after and stop Wesker.

Jill then gives Chris vital information concerning Wesker's virus, claiming it is unstable and an overdose of his serum may turn the virus into a poison. Chris and Sheva track Wesker to a large freighter filled with infected military units. The way of distributing the Uroborus virus is soon confirmed to be through air by a jet. Chris and Sheva engage in another battle with Wesker. They were able to administer the serum weakening Wesker considerably. Wesker retreats to his jet with Chris and Sheva on his tail.

On board the jet, yet another fight occurs with Wesker almost killing Sheva during the process. After crash landing near a volcano, Wesker has the Uroborus from his jet consume him, but with it unexpectedly agreeing with his DNA, thus allowing him to control his new found powers. Chris and Sheva unintentionally split up with Wesker chasing Chris first. Chris and Sheva are able to reunite shortly and lead Wesker to a small hilltop where they commence a series of knife attacks at Wesker's ''heart'' like orifice. The surface beneath Wesker begins to crumble and he is sent into the volcanic lava. Soon after, Josh arrives in a helicopter with Jill Valentine. Chris and Sheva climb the ladder up but only for Wesker to give one last attempt at Chris' life. It fails, however, as Jill hands both Chris and Sheva an RPG launcher which they use to decapitate Wesker completely.

Resident Evil 6

Six months prior to the game, on December 24th, 2012, Chris and partner Piers Nivans witnessed the deaths of their squad under Chris' command. After this, Chris left the B.S.A.A and became a drunken wreck and a smoker. Piers sees Chris in a bar and convinces him to return to the B.S.A.A and finish his mission on bioterrorism. Chris, Piers and the B.S.A.A is then sent into the war-torn city of Lanshiang in China.

At some point during the game, Chris and Piers corners the woman who killed their squad and is behind the outbreak, Ada Wong. But just as Chris is about to pull the trigger, Leon disarms and fights Chris in order to protect Ada for reasons yet unknown. The fight ends in both Chris and Leon pulling their pistols on each other, Leon then says to Chris, "Put your gun down Chris, she's a key witness, we need her," Chris, clearly angry says, "A witness? She's the one who did all this!"