Basic Info
Full Name: Brian Irons
Gender: Male
First Appears: Resident Evil 2
Appears In:
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Brian Irons


Brian Irons is a corrupt chief police officer of the Raccoon City's Police Department. He is seen in Claire's scenario of Resident Evil 2. Brion Irons is in fact responsible for most of the deaths of the police officers in the station. He was a deranged psychopath only concerned with his own ambitions. After the events of the T-Virus outbreak he is driven completely insane and goes around killing officers. He is later confronted by Claire Redfield in a secret room in his office. This is where Irons meet his death. He is either ripped apart and killed by a mutated Birkin or killed from his body rejecting the G-Virus, allowing a parasite to burst fourth from his chest. Irons was accepting bribes by Umbrella years before the events of Resident Evil.

Due to the bribes, Irons ceased all investigations related to Umbrella's illegal experiments in order to cover up the suspicious activity going on in the Raccoon City area. The money Brian receives from the bribes, he uses to buy art and statues. These pieces of art are later found by the player and are also used during the puzzles to unlock doors and secret passageways within the station. You will find written documents by Iron's secretary explaining Irons schemes.

Irons is bribed with ten thousand dollars in return for him shutting down the S.T.A.R.S. investigation into the Spencer Mansion and dismantling the team. Various documents informs the player that Irons was arrested for domestic violence against his wife and how he avoided psychiatric evaluation. Although when the player comes across Irons, he is driven completely insane trying to stuff the corpse of the mayor's daughter.