Basic Info
Full Name: Barry Burton
Gender: Male
First Appears: Resident Evil
Appears In:
Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D
Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence
Resident Evil
Resident Evil: Gaiden
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Resident Evil: Director's Cut

Barry Burton


Barry Burton is one of the most experienced S.T.A.R.S. members. Before joining S.T.A.R.S. he served in both the SWAT and the U.S Air Force. This is where he met Chris Redfield and the two became close friends. Through Chris, Barry joined the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) and became a member of the Alpha Team a few years before the mission in the Arklay Mountains. Barry Brton was a weapons specialist and appears as Jill Valentines Primary partner in the original Resident Evil. During the Epilogue in Resident Evil 3, you find out that Barry is indeed a family man and he had a wife and two daughters.

Resident Evil

During Chris Redfield's scenario, Barry Burton goes missing and is presumed dead until he is mentioned in Resident Evil 2. This version of Barry's story seems to be untrue and does not apply to the original plot. In the Jill Valentine scenario however, it is said Barry's story follows this plot until Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. It was soon established that Barry's story is made up of events from both Chris and Jill's campaigns, including the surveil of both Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers.

Throughout the original game as well as Deadly Silence, Barry mostly appears out of the blue saving Jill from the traps located around the Spencer Mansion. Barry is being blackmailed by S.T.A.R.S. Captain and Umbrella researcher Albert Wesker. This way all evidence of Wesker being a traitor will be erased. Wesker's main goal however, is to gather combat data by luring the S.T.A.R.S. members into traps and other dangers located around the mansion. Bravo Team Captain Enrico Marini finds evidence of Wesker's betrayal. Using Barry Burton, Wesker is able to pinpoint Enrico's position and murder him. By the end of the game however, Barry begins to regain all morals and escape the Spencer Mansion alongside Jill, Chris, Brad Vickers, and Rebecca Chambers.


In the remake Barry has a change of heart when he has a confrontation between him, Jill and the mutated Lisa Trevor. He pulls his custom Samurai Edge Magnum on Jill with the intention of killing her. Instead of pulling the trigger, he hesitates giving Jill enough time to disarm him. The player now has a choice to either give Barry his weapon back or keep it. If the player chooses to give the gun back to Burton, he will remain faithful for the rest of the game. If not, Lisa Trevor knocks him off the platform and he dies (This is not true for this character's story plot, his story actually follows the first choice). We also find out in the Gamecube version that Wesker is blackmailing Barry Burton with the use of his family. By using Barry's family Wesker is able to get Barry to co-operate with his plans.

Extra Appearances

Barry Burton does not make another appearance in the official sequels but there is a mention of him in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. He also has a cameo appearance where he shows up as the rescue helicopter pilot at the end of the game. He also appears inResident Evil: Gaiden; a Resident Evil spin-off released for Game Boy color. Barry is sent to rescue Leon S. Kennedy from the Starlight cruise ship which has been overrun by zombies. (This game has nothing to do with the original story plot for this character)

Burton also makes appearances in the unlock able mini games in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence and the Mercenaries Reunion for Resident Evil 5. He is also featured as a Resident Evil Mercenary in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

Barry's Gun

One thing Barry Burton is known for is his custom made 44. Magnum Revolver which is said to be the most powerful weapon in the original Resident Evil game. A copy of his gun is found but the actual gun he uses is never retrieved by the player. In the Resident Evil remake however, his gun is available to the player if he/she choses to keep the weapon during the Lisa Trevor boss battle. The gun has the same power and ammo count as the regular 44. magnum but cannot use the magnum ammo found within the game.

During both version of the original Resident Evil; Barry is forced down by the zombie in the dining room and doesn't die until 3 shots later. When the player receives their own magnum it only takes one shot to kill a zombie.

In mercenaries mode, Barry cannot actively use his custom gun. He can only use it during melee attacks, such as using the gun to smash a majini's head open or to shot one when it is down.